Working from Home Tips

With 2020 coming to a close soon, the prospect of continuing to work from home (WFH) in 2021 looks promising. Whether you are rejoicing in your sweatpants or counting down the days until you are back in the office, here are some WFH tips to boost your productivity.

Create a routine and stick with it

Whether it is similar to your usual office routine or a new routine you’ve adapted for your home, create a daily procedure and keep at it. For some this might be making a cup of coffee, reading your emails, and setting a checklist for the day. Whatever routine you decide on, test it for productivity and follow it daily.

Schedule frequent breaks

For those of us in creative fields, we know the importance of taking a brain break every once in a while. WFH is no different! Set scheduled breaks between bursts of productivity. Take a walk, grab a snack, or check in on your friends— whatever it is, keep it non-work related. You’ll be surprised at how many ideas will come after a great break.

Don’t isolate, reach out for what you need

A WFH environment brings different challenges than the typical office environment. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your department for what you need. In creative fields this might be reaching out to schedule critiques, using new technology to facilitate creative processes, or scheduling additional workshops. 

Create a workable work station

No, really. Get rid of the clutter on your desk. Tell your cat to stay on their side of the room. Make it productive, usable, and inspiring! 

Be transparent with your coworkers 

This is a big one! If WFH has changed your communication style, your hours of availability, or is impacting your work in general, communicate the changes with your coworkers. Great work comes from great communication.

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