Building a Marketing Strategy in 2020

Building a Marketing Strategy in 2020

Building a marketing strategy can seem daunting. So before you close your laptop in frustration, let us help! We’ve compiled some marketing strategy tips that will ease the process and make your life a little easier.

1. Create a marketing plan and professional company website

It is important to document your earned, owned and paid media assets in a complete list so that your company can have a clear understanding of your marketing objectives and activities. A well-balanced mix of earned, paid and owned media  is essential when achieving marketing goals. A key factor in any marketing strategy is to manage budgeting and timelines. 

Once you’re on track to developing a solid marketing strategy, you should also create a professional company website. If you already have one, it is a good idea to update it with relevant content that accurately reflects your company. A website is often the first impression you give to potential clients and is a great way to instill confidence in your company. It may also serve as the main conduit for company news, property promotion, and demonstrating leadership in research studies.

As you update or create your website, keep in mind that an SEO plan is of equal importance. Increasing your visibility in search engines is a long process and it takes time to see results, but it is worth the effort to help foster your company’s success.


2. Develop an email marketing campaign

One of the best ways to reach and engage prospective clients is having an effective email marketing strategy. Creating a database of potential clients and sending pointed email communication is an important activity to help drive your sales and ramp up leasing efforts. Whatever path you decide to use to create your database, make sure you have a solid game plan in place as this is an important way to nurture and grow your user base.


3. Engage on social media

As you find your voice with content that works for you, make sure that you are building brand awareness through social media as well. This is a great, and free, way to bring traffic to your website, foster connections with potential customers and spark conversation. The top social media sites your company should have a presence on are Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn

Part of effective social media engagement are the connections you with make with people. Fostering relationships with journalists, influencers and bloggers can be an important part of your company’s growth. It takes time but press mentions can be worth the effort when it comes to creating brand awareness. If you can curate a list of influencer contacts, you’ll save a fortune in PR agency fees!


4. Utilize industry sites, trade journals and Google

Generate visibility on industry sites and interact in industry circles. This can be through joining a Linkedin group for your industry, interacting with relevant industry hashtags on your posts, or good old fashioned networking. 

When it comes to visibility, it’s hard to do better than Google. With more than 500 million searches per day, there is a good chance that you’ll have potential clients googling key words that have to do with your business. By utilizing Google Adwords, you give yourself the opportunity to bring in new leads. While it can be costly depending on the words you choose to use, you can also specify your budget as to not overspend. 


6. Track your success

Beware of what’s working and what isn’t. In order to do this you have to track and measure your successes consistently. Define what works for your various marketing channels so that you can make data-driven choices in every step as you move forward in your efforts. Markets are changing constantly, so you cannot rely on what worked months ago to work for your today. Test new ideas, and stay on top of new marketing strategies you might like to utilize.

Keep your objectives in sight, and don’t be afraid to try something new! Need a little more help? Contact us for a marketing consultation!